Captain's Edition, being a fairly extensive and large mod, can have compatibility issues with other mods that are designed to edit events, weapons and drones. While not all mods have been checked, there are several that are known to cause issues with CE when loaded alongside it.

Flat-out incompatibleEdit

These mods are not at all compatible with Captain's Edition, and should not be loaded alongside it.

  • Balanced Arsenal
  • Diversity Mod
  • Infinite Space
  • New Enemy Classes

Generally incompatibleEdit

These are specific kinds of mods that will most likely cause issues with Captain's Edition unless specifically built to work with it.

  • Crystal Sector mods (specifically when used with Captain's Edition Infinite)
  • Drone mods
  • Enemy mods
  • Event mods
  • Weapon mods

Generally compatibleEdit

These mods will generally work with Captain's Edition, though there may always be some unforeseen bug with them.

  • Aesthetic mods
  • Ship mods