This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. AI Controlled Sector
    at a distress beacon

This event can start with either of the following event introductions:

  • The distress signal shows Slug encodings. After a brief scan you detect a scouting vessel being pursued by a massive AI controlled warship.
  • Slug spies are usually hard to discover but the local nanobot clouds are not a good place to hide. A small Slug infiltrator has jumped here to escape its AI pursuers and is emitting a distress signal. The AI ship is only a few light seconds away, closing in fast.
    • Help the Slugs.
    • Lay low to escape.
      • The Slugs probably brought this on themselves. You slip away undetected.

Fight an AI ship Edit

  • (After destroying enemy ship) With the ship destroyed you quickly collect useful resources.
  • (After killing enemy crew) With the avatars dead you salvage what you can.

Contact the Slug ship Edit

  • 2x: The Slug craft sustained heavy damage. "Oh well, ssaved by the little Federation. Tsss... We were mapping this ssector for a possible buissness expanssion. I guessss we can sshare sssome of our ssscanss with you." You doubt they would give you anything if the fighting had not made their ship such an easy target.
    • Your map is revealed
  • "Eh, Captain, the Slug ship jumped away during the fighting." You somehow expected as much.
  • "Thanksss. Better watch yoursself here, this is dangerous territory. Hehe." The Slug jumps away without another word.
  • "We are very grateful, Federation perssson. We shall transsmit sssome sslug trade coupons to you, redeemable at any sstore in the home nebula." When you ask for scrap instead they cut communications and jump away.