This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. AI Controlled Sector
    at a non-distress beacon. The Long-Range Scanners will say "Possible Ship Detected". Classified as a NEUTRAL_AI type beacon under the title AI_FED_DESERTER.

For once, you are hailed by friendlies: A Federation military ship has found refuge in this strange sector, after fleeing from a lost battle with the Rebel fleet. Some of the AIs seem to be welcoming hosts; although they might just keep organic beings around for a weird kind of amusement, or as a trophy. Maybe even... as pets.

  • Offer supplies.
    • You send over some supplies to help them on their way and in return they upload their flight plan to your computer, allowing you to map the sector! "The Federation fleet's still standing - get there while you can!"
      • Lose 1-3 Fuel and 15-25 Scrap, and your map is revealed.
  • Ask for supplies.
    • They transmit some of the supplies the AIs shared with them. "Don't let them know we gave you these, ok?" You advise them that the Rebel fleet is closing in anyway. They seem disturbed by the fact that the sector is no longer safe and consider joining up with the fleet again.
      • Receive a low amount of scrap and resources
    • They say they have nothing to spare and that they are through with the Federation anyway. You decide not to tell them about the incoming fleet, but it comes to your mind that they might plan to defect anyway.
  • (Federation Ship) Order them to stall the fleet for a bit.
    • "We are not under your command any more! Here we are free, don't you understand? We won't let you take this refuge away from us." Weapons protrude from their hull...
    • Facing your cruiser and its devastating arsenal, the deserters think twice about running. Maybe they still remain somewhat loyal to the Federation? "We heard about your mission, you know... This will be the last orders we take from a fed." They send in their formal resignation files and head towards the fleet.
      • Rebel Fleet is delayed by one jump.
  • Attack the deserters.
    • Traitors cannot be tolerated. You open fire on the cowards - though it doesn't please you to do so. The Federation needs every soldier it can get.
  • Leave them be.
    • You send them a friendly warning regarding the armada of Rebel ships pursuing you, and then get underway lest they catch you up.

Trivia Edit

This event is the AI counterpart to the Crystal's quest Federation Deserters