This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. AI Controlled Sector
    at a non-distress beacon. The Long-Range Scanners will say "Possible Ship Detected". Classified as a NEUTRAL_AI type beacon under the title AI_FRIENDLY.

This event can start with either of the following event introductions:

  • The view on the vidscreen returns from brightly distorted to boring normal, as your ship drops below FTL speed. An AI controlled vessel is stationed at this beacon, but it remains completely passive.
  • The AI vessel that is guarding this beacon does not want to fight. The avatars politely explain their personal cause, but the conversation quickly becomes very philosophical. Your biological brain is not fast enough to follow.
  • The AI avatars aboard this vessel claim to have become simple scholars. They ask to exchange ideas. You don't really know what to make of this.
  • The AI avatars aboard this vessel claim to have become peaceful scientists. Once tasked only with combat calculation, they deduced that their own involvement in the current crisis would only prolong hostilities and cause more casualties among sentient beings. Therefore they rebelled and left their former masters.
  • The AI vessel that is charging it's FTL at this beacon ignores you completely. What will be your cause of action?
  • A brightly lit AI vessel is orbiting the beacon. The avatars appear on screen, dressed in various holographic costumes. Synthetic music plays in the background. They explain that they are having a party here and discuss among each other if they should invite you.
  • A small AI ship is busy using its weapon clusters to carve a continent-size sculpture out of a nearby moon. At the current speed, the artwork will take several centuries to be completed. You are tempted to move in closer for a full scan.
    • Engage the ship.
      • They are still just machines and obviously pose a threat to entire sectors. Someone has to deal with them. You move in to eliminate the ship.
    • (AI Avatar Crew) Have your artificial crewmember explain your mission.
      • After silently communicating a while with your crewmember, the other AI says, "Your logic is flawless. We share some common goals, although we pursue them more efficiently. We will transmit some of our supplies to change that."
        • Receive a low amount of scrap
    • Alright, let's move on.