The Lanius Multiplication event is a random event that can happen when you talk to a Lanius crewmember in an empty beacon.

Event Text Edit

You ask the Lanius how it feels today. It proudly announces: "I am... ready to do sex, Captain." A few other crewmen nearby can't suppress a laughter. "I'm not joking, Captain. Give me metal and... I shall multiply!"

  1. "Alright, take some metal."
    • The Lanius piles up some of the scrap from your holds. You wonder if you should actually be watching. The Lanius lifts one of its bladed arms, and extends the other in front of it. With a single swipe, and no mimic reaction, the crewman cuts its own arm off, letting it fall into the scrap pile. "Reproduction complete, Captain. This was most private, but I understand that... you cannot have manners."
      • Continue...
        • Your crewman's arm is already reforming while the cut of limb merges with the metal and turns it gray. After some time, the metal pile has formed into a Lanius body. The creature awakes and greets its new environment with gargling noises, but its creator seems to understand. You order the new crewman to be taught a few words of Federation standard as fast as possible.
          • Recieve a Lanius crewmember and lose 50 to 70 scrap
  2. "Thank you, but that won't be necessary."
    • The Lanius nods overly enthusiastically. "I... understand... Captain." It leaves without another word.