Lost Love Reunion event is a random event that can happen when you talk to a Human crewmember in an empty beacon at a civilian sector.

Event Text Edit

Your human crewman sits alone in the mess hall. "Captain! Are you on duty? Wanna share a ration?" This person is obviously troubled.

  • "What's wrong?"
    • "Is it that obvious? ... It's this sector, Captain. I lost someone who is very dear to me. Shortly before the Rebellion, public order broke down. The orbital I was stationed on was raided by slavers several times. Honestly, it was always my wish to return here with a fully militarized warship."
      • "I see, you want to track down these slavers..."
        • "I'm not out for revenge Captain, but I want to know what happened to..." You nod in agreement. "The slaver's hideout is well known. I will calculate a course. Thank you, Captain."
      • "Our mission will make the galaxy safe again."
        • "You are of course right, Captain." Your crewman tries to smile.

Slaver Hideout Edit

You arrive at the presumed location of the slaver hideout, which is, actually, nowhere to be found.

  • (Humanoid Crew) Have your crewman point you in the right direction.
    • Your crewman takes a look at the system map. "There were always rumors claiming that they are hiding within the atmosphere of this gas giant." Another dedicated scan verifies these rumors.
      • "Get us into orbit. Let's take down some slavers."
        • The slaver station becomes visible within the clouds. Their weapons come to life immediately.
          • Continue... (and activate any combat augments)
            • Fight a Pirate Station.
              • (After destroying enemy ship) The slaver station breaks apart. "I waited a long time for this, Captain. They will never harass this sector again." None of the slaves could have been saved. Your crewman stares at the station's wreckage for a long time.
                • Receive a Medium amount of Scrap and Resources.
              • (After killing enemy crew) The slavers have been slain and your human crewman requests to lead the away mission to strip the station and look for survivors. "Captain! I want to introduce someone to you..." Miraculously, your crewman's former partner has survived the captivity as well as the battle. Lovers have been reunited.
                • Receive a High amount of Scrap, Resources, and a Human crewmember.
  • Move on.