On-Board Missile Production is a random event that can happen when you talk to a Rockman crewmember in an empty beacon at a hostile sector.

Event Text Edit

The Rockman wants you to have a look at the scrap materials you collected; "You see, Captain, these circuits could be used as makeshift guiding devices, these other components are unstable enough to detonate. This scrap could be turned into warheads!"

  • Allow the Rockman to convert the scrap into usable missiles.
    • Your crewman goes to work. "I learned this in my time with the resistance. This will bring the hurt, Captain." It's amazing what the Rockmen can do with such little material.
      • Lose 15-25 scrap and receive 4-9 missiles.
  • Save the scrap for other use.
    • "Of course, Captain. As you order."