The Pregnant Mantis event is a random event that can happen when you talk to a Mantis crewmember in an empty beacon.

Event Text Edit

"Eh, Captain? I have to explain something..." This is the first time your Mantis approaches you with some kind of... friendliness? It's news comes as a surprise, the Mantis has been secretly mating with one of its kind in the last sector.

  1. "You are... pregnant? Well congratulations!
  • "I knew you would understand! Actually, my (daughter/son) has already hatched..." Your Mantis is happy to not have to hide its offspring anymore and promises the newborn will be no burden and fight for you just as loyally as its parent.
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      • ​Luckily, Mantis are born in an almost mature state. "I will name (her/him) in the strange Federation language. To honor our alliance." The young Mantis greets you with a shy gesture.
        • Recieve a Mantis crew member named either Daughter or Son.