Many race-specific augments can be found in vanilla FTL. In Captain's Edition, these augments have been edited to allow for unique race specific abilities.

In Captain's Edition, additional events have been added that allow you to pirate civilian ships, force slaves to work on your ship, and break truces with enemies who have surrendered. However, all of these nefarious actions will usually upset your crew and have a chance of them either refusing to carry out your order or leaving your crew entirely. Some ships with race-specific augments allow you to choose blue options when these events arise, preventing the normal penalties. On the other hand, some augments allow for more positive actions such as renegotiating surrender.


Unless specifically mentioned, pirating civilians, taking slaves, and breaking truces WILL upset your crew, potentially causing one crew member to desert each time you upset your crew.

Mantis Pheromones: Makes your crew move 30% faster. Indicates that you command a rogue Mantis ship; any psychopath crew signing up with you will not loathe piracy or taking slaves.

"(Mantis Ship) You command a vessel of the most vicious creatures in the galaxy. You crew should expect things like this."

  • Allows you to attack civilian ships without penalty
  • Allows forcing slaves to work on your ship without penalty

Rock Plating: Superior hull armor provides a 15% chance to negate incoming hull damage. Indicates you command a brutish Rock ship; enabling piracy.

"(Rock Ship) You command a vessel of the brutal Rock people. Your crew knew that they were not signing on for a moral joyride here."

  • Allows you to attack civilian ships without penalty

Slug Repair Gel: Slug ships excrete a thick gel that automatically repairs any hull breaches. Indicates you command a rogue Slug ship; enabling piracy and breaking truce.

"(Slug Ship) You command a vessel of the sly and treacherous Slugs. Your crew knew this mission wouldn't be that clean."

  • Allows you to attack any ship without penalty
  • Allows you to break truces without penalty

Zoltan Shield: Uses energy from FTL engine outbursts to shield your ship from hull damage. Indicates you command an official Zoltan ship; enabling diplomatic solutions.

"(Zoltan Ship) You command a ship of the wise and diplomatic Zoltan. This has to be done the right way: negotiating the surrender in accordance with general system law."

  • Allows you to renegotiate enemy surrender (This option will often net you more scrap than a normal surrender, but less resources, as if you had destroyed the ship. Note that since this is a true negotiation it is possible you may have to give a low amount of YOUR resources to the enemy.)
  • You are also able to avoid conflict in certain situations while commanding a Zoltan ship.