This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Rock Controlled Sector
  2. Rock Homeworlds
    at a non-distress beacon. The Long-Range Scanners will say "Possible Ship Detected". Classified as a HOSTILE_ROCK type beacon under the title ROCK_CRYSTAL.

This event can start with either of the following event introductions:

  • A rare sight greats you at this beacon: Actual Rock diplomats. Their ship is equipped with the tech of the recently contacted crystal beings. A tight beam message informs you that you have interrupted important negotiations here. The Rock are eager to defend themselves.
  • Waiting at the beacon, you intercept com chatter from a nearby Rock ship. It is communicating with an unidentified vessel of exotic design. The language used on coms is unknown to you, it consists mostly of deep, resonating sounds, till the Rock suddenly switch to galactic standard. "Wait, what is this? Spies! Change the channel and engage!" The Rock ship covers the escape of the foreign vessel.
  • You jumped close to a modernized Rock dockyard. A ship equipped with unusual hull plating circles the beacon and contact you: "You have intruded into a secured zone. An honorable opportunity to test the fruits of our labor. Prepare to be targeted, filthy alien." You notice a shrouded figure with sparkling eyes flanking the high ranking captain. That is no Rock. What is going on here?
  • A ship with markings of the Rock grand inquisition jumps to the beacon shortly after you. They hail: "What is this? You dare corrupt our holy void on this day, when our holy forefather just bless us with their visit? Prepare to be purged from this galactic plain, Alien instigators!"
  • You notice a Rock ship with unusual hull plating. They hail: "You are considered a threat to an important diplomat on board our vessel. We have already called reinforcements and will defend ourselves in accordance with general system law." You are pretty sure that there is no paragraph legitimizing this kind of action, but you will have to deal with them somehow.
    • Continue... (and activate any combat augments)
    • Offer surrender.
    • (Crystal Crew) Have your Crystal crewmen negotiate a free passage.
      • The Rock must be disappointed. With the Crystal aboard your ship, they cannot attack you without risking a minor diplomatic crisis. Their new allies would be upset. They send over a symbolic amount of scrap as a badly faked sign of goodwill and mockingly wish you a safe journey through their sector.
        • Receive a low amount of scrap.