Secluded Zoltan Monastery is a random event that can happen when you talk to a Zoltan crewmember in an empty beacon at a civilian sector.

Event Text Edit

The usually so talkative Zoltan is uncertain if it should open up to you this time. "Captain, do you think there are energies greater than us? I believe the far-beyond is calling one of your crew members. This person might be enlightened without knowing it."

  • What does this mean?
    • "Your crewman has to be trained in our ways. There is a secluded monastery nearby. My brethren might be able to elevate this individual to another level of existence. I beg you to travel there."
  • This is ridiculous.
    • "Hmm, you might be right Captain. Let's not talk about this again." The Zoltan seems disappointed.

Zoltan Monastery Edit

After a long scan you find the monastery hidden on a small moon at the far end of the system. You take the ship down in a dark canyon and travel by foot up to the monastery. The Zoltan greet you at the gates. "We have been awaiting you. Only your crewman is allowed to enter." "Captain, I feel that I should go."

  • Dismiss your crewman and let them join the monks.
    • "We will meet again, Captain." The Zoltan acknowledge your commitment. After learning about your mission, two young acolytes offer to join your crew. They believe your ship is blessed by the eternal energies of the universe.
      • Welcome the Zoltan aboard.
        • The Zoltan pack their few belongings and then show you a quick route back to the ship.
          • Receive a Zoltan crewmember named Kasimir maxed in combat skill
            • Continue...
              • The ship glides through the thin lunar atmosphere back into space. You wonder what will become of your old crewmember.
                • Receive a Zoltan crewmember named Pamuk with maxed in combat skill
      • Deny their request.
  • No way! This person stays with us.
    • You've wasted enough time with this esoteric stupidity. The Zoltan seem to look down on your decision, and your crewman says nothing at all. You return to the ship.