This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Abandoned Sector
    at a non-distress beacon. The Long-Range Scanners will detect no ship presence. Classified as a NEUTRAL_LANIUS type beacon under the title CE_LANIUS_STRANDED.

You detect life signs ahead. A couple of Lanius float helpless among a few scorched debris parts. The area is littered with corpses of their own dead. Looks like the ship is shipwrecked and adrift in space. They won't last long out here, radiation or starvation will make them perish sooner or later.

  • Rescue the Lanius and take them to safety.
    • 2x: You open the airlocks and take the Lanius aboard. The group is grateful, but also completely starved. Soon they start to feed from your ship. Your crew tries to reason with the survivors but the situation escalates quickly.
      • You are attacked by 2-3 Lanius boarders.
    • You open the airlocks and take the Lanius aboard. The group is grateful and their leader keeps a tight reign over them. Any attempts of the survivors to feed from your ship is immediately punished. One of the younger Lanius speaks some fed-standard. It inquires if there are "work involvements available" in exchange for "food".
      • Hire the Lanius and feed it 30 scrap.
        • The Lanius leader agrees to let his kind go, under the condition of being allowed to contact the local Lanius forces. They fix a pickup point and you drop the remaining survivors at a small science satellite. A dark Lanius warship that refuses any hails jumps in soon after and teleports them away.
          • You receive a Lanius crewmember and lose 30 scrap.
      • Decline.
        • You neither have the time nor the scrap to deal with a hungry Lanius youngling aboard your ship. The survivors are dropped off at the next save beacon and you hope to have seen the last of them.
  • Keep your distance.
    • 2x: You watch as the helpless Lanius tumble through space while the FTL drive charges. These creatures brought this upon themselves and probably deserve it. Right?
    • You prepare to charge the drive, but the Lanius seem unwilling to accept their fate. Many of them still have fuel in their booster packs. They propel themselves towards your ship. A first wave of Lanius sacrifice themselves to deplete your shields, after that a second group breaches through your hull and begins to wreck havoc.
      • You are attacked by 2-3 Lanius boarders.