Slug Stowaway event is a random event that can happen when you talk to a Slug crewmember in an empty beacon at a nebula type sector.

Event Text Edit

The Slug greets you unusually seriously. "Hello my Captain. I wanted to talk to you anyway. It probably iss nothing, I have to inform you that I started to ssense a Slug presssence nearby for ssseveral jumpsss..."

  • "That's not exactly unusual in a nebula, right?"
    • "Correct, but thiss isss different. It iss the same mind all the time and it iss close. We might have a sstowaway aboard. Probably cloaked." You reconfigure the sensors and have your crew surround the intruder.
      • Continue...
        • The Slug drops its cyber-camouflage voluntarily. "Don't sshoot, I ssurrender! Please mighty Captain, I did you no wrong. I'm merely a poor traveler, ssstruggling to find cheap transssportation during thiss awful conflict. I'm unarmed and took nothing from your ship but the air I breathe. Slug promise!"
          • "Well, now we found you and this transport won't be cheap. We expect payment."
            • "Of coursse! You are very undersstanding." The Slug hands over a minor amount of scrap, claiming this is the 'standard rate' for this sector. You decide to get rid of it at the first opportunity. Something smells strange here and it's not just the slime.
              • Receive a low amount of scrap and Rebel Fleet advanced by one jump.
          • "You seem awfully well trained for a simple traveler. How about you work for us from now on?"
            • "I sssee... You are a wise business man. The Rebels pay me almost nothing anyway. I will pass on some wrong informations and then terminate the contract with my former employers. Ready for duty, my Captain!" The Slug puts on a wide grin. But can you truly trust it?
              • Lose 55 scrap, receive a Slug crewmember named Hider, and the Rebel Fleet is delayed by two jump.
          • "No stowaways on my ship. Out of the airlock it is for you!"
            • The Slug won't go quietly. It reveals a concealed cybernetic blaster implanted into its skull and starts firing on your crew.
              • You are attacked by 1 slug boarder.
                • In addition to that, the Slug is also equipped with micro holo-generators. It deploys several combat avatars that aid it in battle. You start to doubt that you are dealing with a simple stowaway here.
                  • You are attacked by 2-3 AI Avatar boarder.