Token in the ssshell event is a random event that can happen when you talk to a Slug crewmember in an empty beacon.

Event Text Edit

The Slug thinks you look stressed. "Are you up for a game of 'token in the ssshell'? I promise it is completely randomized and fair." The game is about guessing the location of a token hidden under one of three shuffled Cassgrian Fludder-Shells. "Iss thiss fun for your sspeciess? For mine it very much iss!"

  • Bet some scrap on finding the token.
    • The Slug shows you the token, hides it in one of the shells, and shuffles them. You get distracted and fail to track the token, but you have a strong feeling that it is under the third shell... Can Slugs put thoughts in other people's minds? "Well Captain, where isss the token?"
  • Politely decline.
    • Gambling with Slugs is not a good idea, even, or especially if, they are your subordinates.

Gamble Result Edit

  • The Slug seems surprised. It lifts the shell and reveals the token. "Well done Captain! Guess I owe you some sscrap."
    • Receive 30 scrap.
  • The Slug lifts the shell with a dirty grin. No token. "Maybe next time, Captain."
  • You guessed wrong, but you were sure the token was there. The Slug just gives you a dirty grin, it probably messed with your mind.
  • You guessed wrong. Probably you should have known that this was not a good idea.